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Name:Harry Amando Matheson
Birthdate:Oct 28
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Harry Amando Matheson (his middle named picked by his parents because it means "loveable" in Italian) grew up in Jacksonville Florida. He is half Italian (from his mom's side) and half Irish (from his dad's), but their family have been in America since well before his parents decided to have kids. His Irish side are direct descendants of the New York Mafia that was infamous in the 1920s during Prohibition, and ironically, his Irish side had previously links with the IRA when it was at its peak. He is the youngest of five children, with three older sisters (Sky, 7 years older, Julia, 4 years older, and Katrina, 2 years older) and one older brother (the eldest, 10 years older than him), Nick.

As the youngest in a large family, Harry was always doted on. Like Nick, he was very creative from a young age, but his creative side exhibited more in music and performing arts. He can sing and plays the guitar, but his true passion is in dancing. He started dance and ballet class when he was just 5 years old and he's been dancing ever since. He wants to be a professional ballet dancer and has goals of one day going to Juilliard, though he is also a ballroom dancer, having taken part in professional ballroom dancing competitions since he was about 11.

At 14, Harry came out to his family as gay. He knew for quite some time that he wasn't really interested in girls. He had a lot of female friends, but with Nick being bisexual, Harry had a yardstick to understand that it was okay to not be straight. His family celebrated his decision to come out and he has never faced any issues of intolerance or lack of acceptance for his sexuality. Harry is very effeminate. He is tall with a lithe dancer's build. He loves the the beach and the water, and is a bit of a dreamer in that he likes to spend a lot of time alone just enjoying the beautiful places of the world. He is a sweet and kind kid, friendly and has piles of friends.

Now 15, Harry started dating for the first time and lost his virginity to his first boyfriend. Caught up in the rose-coloured glasses of young love, Harry fell hard. Though with his boyfriend, a high school football star, getting cold feet about coming out, he broke up with Harry after they slept together and broke Harry's heart. Completely heartbroken and hurt, Harry began to feel useless and wanted to throw in dance. In an attempt to intervene on his baby brother's misery and heartbreak, Nick suggests Harry move to New York City with him, and the change of scenery is just what Harry needs after feeling like he was dumped for being 'too gay' or sucking at gay sex.

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